Trophy Hall

The Trophy Hall is for competitive players. The trophies attest your Mahjong Trails value. You can become a Supersonic Matcher, a Perfectionist, a Lead Player, a Star Collector, the Ultimate [...]


– Magnet tiles: Solve Magnet Tiles to automatically solve the most free pairs with same symbols among themselves. – Multi-star tile: Solve these tiles to get 2 pairs less from your [...]

Quests- Miles

Quests are special goals in the game that you can complete in order to get power-ups to help you progress in the game. The active quests and the current status can be seen all the time at the top [...]

Cool boosters

While playing a layout, you can find some very cool features on the right hand side of the screen. The Hint will show you a free pair and it takes 10 seconds from the default time. The Highlight [...]

Free Gifts

The magic wand deletes a pair of tiles of your choice. If one tile blocks many others, click on the wand, then on that tile and it will be deleted. When there is a free pair of that tile, the [...]