My game doesn’t load / is freezing / is lagging / is slow

First, try to reload the game. Second, check if you have the latest version of Flash Player. Third, delete temporary files such as cache and cookies. You can find the instructions here. Try to switch to a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and check your internet connection.

If none of the above worked, try to open the game and scroll down at the bottom of the page, where you will find a link called “Report a technical problem”. Please use it to send us a report and we will investigate it. Don’t forget to write us a few details and to let us know if you tried the above. This way, the process will be faster and you will be able to play again sooner.

I have the highest score, but I didn’t advance

The percentage is the number of pairs matched out of the total. It has nothing to do with the score. To play the next layout, match pairs of tiles until you reach the first star on the golden bar above the layout. The points are calculated based on several factors, and they help you increase your total score in order to receive 1 free coin each time you level up. Good luck!

I solved the layout, but I didn’t advance

If you have at least one golden star for the layout but can’t play the next one, it is very likely that you need a ticket to continue your journey and play the layouts in the next city. Ask 3 friends to help you or use coins to get the ticket and play more layouts.

My coins have disappeared

Most probably you purchased 1 extra minute or an extra reshuffle from the parrot- when it appeared for 10 seconds on the screen while you were playing. If you will provide us your Facebook UID (see the instructions below), we can check and give you the exact answer. Send us a message on our Facebook Page.

How can I get my Facebook UID?

Please open the game and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it. Send it to us to help us give you the best answer to your question.


I want to play on my phone/tablet

Flash games cannot be played on mobile devices.

I am stuck at “Coming soon” sign

It means you played all the available layouts. But don’t worry, we constantly update Mahjong Trails and our team is already working to add more layouts.
Meanwhile, you can keep playing to get all 3 stars in each layout, increase your total score to get a free coin, or beat your friends’ score. The new layouts are awesome, we are sure you will love them.

How can I buy coins for Mahjong Trails?

It is very simple to buy coins for Mahjong Trails. In the upper left corner, where your current amount of coins is displayed, simply click on the “+”sign and you can see all offers. Select the one that suits you the best and then follow the instructions.

I bought coins but I didn’t receive them

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Send us a message on our Facebook Page with your Facebook UID and the transactions details and we will get back to you shortly.

I did an offer from Earn Trails Coins, but didn’t receive the coins

In this case, you need to contact Trial Pay to report it because they are the ones responsible for handling the offers. Please contact their Support service (you can find the link by opening again Earn Trails Coins). Also, please consider it can take 24 to 48 hours until your credits are credited.

How to play

Every journey begins with a single step!
Goal: Pack your bags and follow the Mahjong Trails around the world from Rio de Janeiro. Clear all the tiles from the board as fast as possible to solve the levels.

You remove tiles by selecting two free tiles of the same kind (free tiles change color when you click on them with your mouse). A free tile must have at least one side unblocked in order to be matched. In order to unlock the next layout, you have to clear a certain number of tiles of a layout. This way you can travel from one layout to another and from one city to the next.


Hint: get 10 coins for inviting 5 friends (maximum of 25 friends)


You get points:

  •  by matching pairs of tiles (see the points per pair in the Store)
  •  for every 10 pairs matched (remaining seconds are added as points)
  • after completing a puzzle (remaining seconds are added as points)

Beat your friends’ score and send them a “Challenge”. Playing with and against your friends is so much more fun.


Add a touch of your own style to Mahjong by choosing from several exciting tile designs and backgrounds.

  • Choose a tile set in the Store, which awards higher points per pair. Some sets are free! That way you’ll be able to beat your friends and become the Mahjong hero.
  • Choose backgrounds with better contrast that suit the tiles of your choice. Higher contrast makes it easier to play, so beating your friends should be easy.
  • Permanently increase the maximum number of lives from 5 to 8 to play Mahjong Trails for longer.
Free Gifts
  • The magic wand deletes a pair of tiles of your choice. If one tile blocks many others, click on the wand, then on that tile and it will be deleted. When there is a free pair of that tile, the game will highlight it, so you can click on it to delete it too.
  • The surprise gift is… well… a surprise. 😉 Click on it to see what you get.
  • The 20 seconds can help you solve the layout by increasing the time you have to match pairs. Click on it to activate it and it will be automatically added to your time.
  • The undo gifts will cancel the last move and the matched pairs will reappear, in case you want to rethink your strategy.

magicWandsurprise seconds  undo

Cool boosters

While playing a layout, you can find some very cool features on the right hand side of the screen.

  • The Hint will show you a free pair and it takes 10 seconds from the default time.
  • The Highlight hides all blocked tiles so you can see easier the free tiles and match the pairs. It costs 8 coins.
  • The Hint Boost shows you a matching pair every 3 seconds. It makes it so easy to win, for only 4 coins.
  • The Reshuffle also costs coins, but it can be very useful when you have only a few matches available and you waste time looking for them.

Hint: buy more boosters at a time, to save coins and to easily use them whenever you want.

Quests- Miles

Quests are special goals in the game that you can complete in order to get power-ups to help you progress in the game. The active quests and the current status can be seen all the time at the top of the game.

Complete quests and receive miles as reward. Collect and save up miles in your miles account. Spend miles in the Rewards section of the Quest Menu! If you complete the quests on time, they will give you more rewards!


– Magnet tiles: Solve Magnet Tiles to automatically solve the most free pairs with same symbols among themselves.

– Multi-star tile: Solve these tiles to get 2 pairs less from your objective, instead of 1.

– Clock tiles: Special tiles that add 5 seconds to your time when matched.

– Coins: Well, if you have coins, you’re a rich player Smile. You can get more time to solve layouts, cool features, unlock more layouts, reshuffle the tiles, cool tiles sets, etc.

Trophy Hall

The Trophy Hall is for competitive players. The trophies attest your Mahjong Trails value. You can become a Supersonic Matcher, a Perfectionist, a Lead Player, a Star Collector, the Ultimate Challenger and so on. How many trophies do you have? Go to the game and check!

trophy_02 trophy_01 MahjongTrails_Instructions_Throphies04 MahjongTrails_Instructions_Throphies03 MahjongTrails_Instructions_Throphies02 MahjongTrails_Instructions_Throphies01 MahjongTrails_Instructions_Throphies05

More lives – more layouts played

Lives allow you to play Mahjong Trails over and over again. How do you get them?

  • You can wait until they refill automatically (but who wants to wait, when it is so much fun to play?)
  • Ask your friends for them. Even better, go to each layout High Score board and send them hearts- they need lives to play too. Make them a nice surprise and certainly they’ll send you some in return.
  • Watch videos and get a free live each time. Don’t forget to press “Get your reward”!
  • Go to Bazaar and permanently increase the maximum number of lives from 5 to 8!

HINT: You only lose lives when you don’t solve a layout, so get motivated: Win at least 1 star on each layout.

Treasure Cruise

Go on a treasure cruise! Beat all layouts in time and win great prizes!

What is Safari Rush?

Embark on the Safari! Beat all layouts in a row to win great prizes!

I still have time, but my game ends.

If there are no more available moves, the game will end regardless of time. In that case, you can use/buy a reshuffle.

I am stuck on a layout! Could you give me some hints?

Here are some hints to help you solve the layout: get more time by adding the “20 seconds” gift and using the “surprise” gift from your friends. Spin the Daily Wheel of Fortune, collect rewards from the Calendar and play Quests to get Miles and exchange them for rewards. Also, check the free offers from Earn Trails Coins then use the coins to activate the features from the right-hand side of the screen. They are very powerful. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page, we give away gifts and organize contests with coins as reward. Good luck!

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