Rumors from the Herd


Spooky Movie Night

The weather is getting chilly, the cool fall air is upon us, but the holiday season is just heating up. It’s that time of the year again when you get to pull out your costumes and you are allowed [...]

100,000,000 USERS!

  We reached an extremely awesome milestone and we want to thank YOU,  all you wonderful 100,000,000 players! THANK YOU for playing our games and giving us a reason to once again celebrate a [...]

Summer in the city!

Munich: 30 degrees, blue sky, meat (and vegetables) are slowly cooking on the grill… It is time for another awesome BBQ! As you can imagine, our Zebras love summer and what better way to [...]

New zebra-licious website

It’s here. The moment you have all been looking forward to has finally arrived. We are very excited to have finally launched our new zebra-licious website! We hope you like our brand new look and [...]


  We are growing. And it’s not because of all the treats we are having for Carnival. Only this summer we expanded to 2 floors and now, shortly after the holidays, we took over another one [...]

Talking LTV in TLV

Mauris sed mauris bibendum est imperdiet porttitor tincidunt at lorem. Pendisse blandit ligula turpis, ac convallis risus fermentum non. Duis vestibulum quis quam vel accumsan. Nunc a vulputate [...]

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  • Do you feel it? 🎮☘️#FridayFeeling 3 hours ago
  • Coffee and Pi... it can't get much better than that! #PiDay Happy Pi Day from the #MegaZebra team! 🤓 2 days ago
  • Have you already met the Thugs in  @DH_TheGame ? As you can see, there is indeed a lot of work behind the creation of… 3 days ago

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