Rumours from the herd

Desperate Housewives: The Game is out NOW!

ABC and MegaZebra are proud to present a dramatic new prequel to the hit TV-series: Desperate Housewives: The Game! Desperate Housewives: The Game is a life-simulation game based on the highly popular TV-series. Players step into the role of a new resident, who is a popular advice columnist. They grew up on Wisteria Lane and […]

Mahjong Trails Match is LIVE!

Hop into a new adventure! – Mahjong Trails Match is LIVE! Today’s an exciting day in the office because we just delivered a new baby… and it is a very special one! We are very proud to announce that Mahjong Trails Match is now available worldwide for IOS users! Are you ready? First of all, […]

Mahjong Trails Continued…

Mahjong Trails Blitz combines past with the future! Today, MegaZebra launched Mahjong Trails Blitz on Facebook’s brand-new Instant Games platform. The whole MegaZebra team is proud to be selected as an early partner by Facebook for their latest gaming innovation. “Blitz” will not only be the first Mahjong game on Instant Games, but will continue […]

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