Have you ever wondered what it is like to work as an office dog in a gaming company?

Our office dog Indigo, a very elegant and refined Thai Ridgeback who holds the title of V.I.D (Very Important Dog) on our Careers Page, spilled the beans about her daily routine in the MegaZebra office.

And trust us, she is definitely living the dog life!

9.30 am – Daily Stand-up Meeting
The whole team meets every day for a quick status update and, of course, this is the perfect time to check everyone’s scent. Humans talk about new features, bugs, planning and whatsoever but a dog’s main task is to track if new people joined the team and, most importantly, if anyone ate something particularly tasty for breakfast.

10.30 am – Begging for treats
Time for a quick round to the fifth floor. What are those guys up to? Are they focused? Did our Office Manager order tasty treats alongside fruits and candies? If not, is anyone having meat for lunch? Better sniff around, but very discreetly. Those humans seem busy.

11.00 am – Meetings
Those new features take a lot of time and a lot of planning. Meetings are not my favorite thing because I don’t get much attention, just a quick cuddle every now and then. Why are these humans talking about a “Sprint”? That’s something I would like to do in the park. Oh, well. Lunchtime is not too far away.

12.00 am – Lunch!
What is everyone having? Have they cooked or are they going to grab something from the shops nearby to take down to the Isar river? Oh, that smells delicious! Maybe if I do my best puppy eyes, I will get some. Or maybe I will just eat my own food and enjoy a run in the English Garden. Or go swimming with my colleagues? Sun’s out, dog’s out!

1.00 pm – Back to work
Everyone’s back to their desks and I am back to my comfy bed. It’s the perfect time for a nap. Please do not disturb. I am not really sleeping, I am just brainstorming…

3.00 pm – Snacks anyone?
Did you say coffee break? What about a sausage break? I have heard that Bavarian sausages are delicious.

4.00 pm – Modeling
I am not just a regular office dog. I got my V.I.D title by regularly modeling for the marketing team. Those guys love me. I provide them with regular content for their social media channels and I get cuddles and fame as a reward. Sometimes they dress me up, but I don’t mind because my coolness level is through the roof. Have you seen those glasses?

6.30pm – See you tomorrow!
Okay, it is time to go home. I have worked hard, so I deserve some free time as anyone else. Wait, did I hear someone say ‘beer garden’? Feierabend, what is that? Ah, right, Feier (“celebration”) +‎ Abend (“evening”). Those Germans… Well, see you tomorrow for more treats, cuddles and general awesomeness!

As you can tell, MegaZebra is a pet-friendly environment and overall a cool place to work for, so… if you are a human looking for a new exciting opportunity, check out our Careers page!

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