Whether you are looking for a scenic bike route, lazing down a river or indulging in a Maß (German beer stein) of freshly Bavarian-brewed beer, Munich is the place for you! A city surrounded by mountains, lakes and adventurous excursions allows its visitors to walk away with the summer of their lives! But be warned, achieving this feat and conquering Munich does not come easy. Check out our herd’s top 5 tips to have the perfect Munich summer.

1. Prepare your taste buds to welcome some of the most exotic cuisines available across Munich. From Asian to Ethiopian, Bavarian to Italian, Munich’s food selection is never ending! Give yourself some time to explore the city and indulge on the delicious surprises Munich has to offer.

2. Invest in a picnic mat. Munich is known for unexpected picturesque patches of grass even where you least expect it! It’s always good to have one handy if you ever are in the mood for relaxing under the sun, resting your feet or taking a nap.

3. Don’t be afraid to hop on a rental bike. Despite hosting and manufacturing some of the sportiest cars in the world, Munich, being an urban, outdoor-friendly city, has managed to make renting a bike as easy as ordering a pizza! Simply “call a bike”. These bikes can be found all over the city and can be rented with a simple call. It’s the perfect way to burn a few calories whilst enjoying the scenery.

4. On occasion, you might expect a surprise visit from the odd “hot summer rain”. You can either enjoy the cooling effect of it, or head over to some of the many great indoor activities Munich has to offer. Take a dip in one of Munich’s indoor pools, test your limits in an escape room or jump to new heights at the AirHop trampoline park. This city has you covered. Plus, isn’t bad weather every foodies dream? It certainly gives us Zebra’s a good reason to try out a new restaurant or explore hidden speakeasies…but shhh, that’s a secret we try not to share.

5. Last but not least, blue skies and the summer sun is the perfect invitation to kick off the beer garden season! That’s right, summer is the best season for heading out with some friends or riding solo to one of Munich’s many beer gardens. As a special bonus, only seen in Munich, you are allowed to bring your own food to the gardens! So, pack up your favorite munchies, sip on fresh Bavarian beer and be prepared to mingle with the friendly locals!

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