Oktoberfest: An attempt to describe what can never be described completely!  

7 million visitors.
7 million liters of beer…yes, that is one per person on average!
34 beer tents.
…4500 pieces of lost property 

Wiesn, better known as Oktoberfest, is the world’s largest festival and the party of the century! This 16 day event is a celebration of Bavarian culture, music, cuisine and most importantly, beer.

From axe throwing to extreme roller coasters. From a  “pass out hill” (sometimes also “make out hill”) to haunted houses, Oktoberfest offers an endless amount of fun and memories for all! So if it isn’t on your bucket list just yet, here is why it should be. But, proceed with caution, this festival is not for the fainthearted! Before you dive in, here are a few thoughts from our veteran Oktoberfest herd to help you prepare for what to expect at this monumentos event!

“If you are a first timer, here are a few words of wisdom…
1. Once you get into a tent, stay there, don’t wander back outside or else you may never get back in!
2. Take out cash before getting to the event because the lines for the ATM are always super long.
3. Be kind to the servers because if they remember you then you don’t ever have to wait long for a beer.
4. If you manage to squeeze onto a table with new people, make sure to “Prost” them right away so they know you are there to have a good time
5. And last but not least, don’t attempt to arm wrestle with the service girls. That’s a battle you will never win”

“The atmosphere is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. Singing, dancing on tables and happy, energetic faces are only some of the many things that make the Oktoberfest incredible. One of the most unexpected things I experienced on my first Oktoberfest was looking down at the tent floor from the balcony and realizing there were more than 20,000 people in one tent. It was amazing.”

“As surprising as this may sound, most festival-goers from every corner of the globe will be wearing traditional Bavarian clothing! If you want to look the part, you better do some shopping. And don’t forget, if you are taken – ladies, tie your bow on the right side.”

“First of all, wear cheap trainers so you don’t mash up an expensive pair. Secondly, don’t underestimate the strength of German beer. Although us Brits seemingly have a high tolerance, Bavarian beer contains more alcohol than the average. Plus, combine that with a bunch of rowdy Americans chugging litres and you’ve got yourself a problem.  If you can’t handle your liquor, stick to radler or wine. And as trivial as this may sound, if you are looking to go on the rides, please do so before guzzling down a litre or more of beer. That won’t end pretty for anyone, including the people standing under the roller coaster.”

“It’s not just about the Oktoberfest, the entire city of Munich comes alive. 16 days of partying, drinking and celebrating all over the streets of Munich. In the early hours of the morning or late hours of the evening, you can expect to find fun and laughter everywhere. Just one tip, don’t mix wine and beer, I learned that the hard way”


“Don’t be shocked when people start snorting white powder. I was speechless when I first witnessed an elderly couple snorting a line of this powder. Fear not! It’s called “Wiesn Koks” and is essentially a mixture of sugar and menthol. Completely legal! Oh, and one more thing. Surround yourself with a bunch of Germans and before you know it, you’ll be heading home almost fluent”

“Expect beer. Lot’s of beer. One word to describe the Oktoberfest is: insane. The whole world gathers in one city for the most incredible 16 days. To be honest, you’ve got to see it to believe it.”

All in all, prepare yourself for a festival of a lifetime and make the most out of your Wiesn experience by letting loose, soaking in the culture and singing along to the tunes of “Ein Prosit”.


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