My game is not loading / is freezing / is lagging / is slow

First, try to reload the game. Second, check if you have the latest version of Flash Player. Third, delete temporary files such as cache and cookies. You can find the instructions here. Try to switch to a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and check your internet connection.

If none of the above worked, try to open the game and scroll down at the bottom of the page, where you will find a link called “Report a technical problem”. Please use it to send us a report and we will investigate it. Don’t forget to write us a few details and to let us know if you tried the above. This way, the process will be faster and you will be able to play again sooner.

My Magic Potions have disappeared

Please send us a message on our Facebook Page with your Facebook ID and we will tell you exactly what happened.

How can I get my Facebook UID?

Please open the game and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it. Send it to us to help us give you the best answer to your question.


I want to play on my phone/iPad

Flash games can’t be played on mobile devices.

How can I buy Magic Potions for Solitaire Castle?

It is very simple to buy Magic Potions for Solitaire Castle. In the upper left corner, where your current amount of Magic Potions is displayed, simply click on the “+”sign and you can see all offers. Select the one that suits you the best and then follow the instructions.

I bought Magic Potions but I didn’t receive them

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please send us a message on our Facebook Page with your Facebook ID and we will tell you exactly what happened.

I did an offer from Earn Magic Potions, but didn’t receive them

In this case, you need to contact Trial Pay to report it because they are the ones responsible for handling the offers. Please contact their Support service (you can find the link by opening again Earn Magic Potions). Also, please consider it can take 24 to 48 hours until your credits are credited.

Interesting facts

More than 9 million players already and counting;

More than 2 million fans on Facebook;

More than 1 million hearts sent daily by our amazing players;

More than 2 million monthly players.

How to play/basic rules

Every Solitaire has 3 stars/ goals to achieve. For example: solve 100% of a Solitaire, solve all cards in a given time, solve a certain number of cards in a row, or reach a certain amount of points.

HINT! In order to get the stars, you have to clear the Solitaire in that game, too. Hence, if you already achieved the goals in a game, make sure to finish off all cards!

What are the Magic Potions?

Magic Potions are, you guessed it, magic! They can help you with most everything, e.g. extra cards, special power-ups, or coins. They will help you to solve the Solitaires and rescue Sparky. How to get them? Simple: check the Earn Magic Potions tab, there are a lot of free offers, that you can complete and earn Magic Potions. Or, get them directly.


So many cool gifts you can send to your friends and receive in return. The “5% Bonus” helps you achieve higher scores; the “Magic Card” solves all open cards, the “Joker” can be put on any card at any time, with “Coins” you can buy power ups and extra cards, the “Undo” will cancel your last move and every “Life” allows you to play once more.


HINT! Press SPACE on your keyboard to reveal the next card. Now it’s faster and easier to win.

Power Ups

The first type of power ups can be purchased for coins or received from friends and they will give you advantages as:

  • Get  additional 5% of the points you won;
  • Solve all open cards using the Magic Card
  • The Joker can be put on any card at any time



The premium power ups cost you coin, but they give you special … powers.

  • Extra Joker- use it whenever you  want
  • Solve all red cards- solves all red cards  and can be used whenever you want
  • Solve all black cards- solves all black cards and can be used whenever you want
  • The Sword- it deletes whatever card you want



Daily Wheel

Every 18 hours, Solitaire Castle gives you the chance to win great rewards: coins, lives and magic potions. So make sure to log in every day, to enjoy the game with extra prizes.


More lives – more solitaires played

You are on a roll and you don’t have enough hearts? There are a few ways to get more. You can watch a video and receive one more live. Or ask your friends to send you some and play over and over again. Don’t forget to send some in return, so they can enjoy the game too. OR, buy one more set of 5 lives and continue playing the best Solitaire.

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