My game doesn’t load / is freezing / is lagging / is slow

First, try to reload the game. Second, check if you have the latest version of Flash Player. Third, delete temporary files such as cache and cookies. You can find the instructions here.  Try to switch to a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and check your internet connection.

If none of the above worked, try to open the game and scroll down at the bottom of the page, where you will find a link called “Report a technical problem”. Please use it to send us a report and we will investigate it. Don’t forget to write us a few details and to let us know if you tried the above. This way, the process will be faster and you will be able to play again sooner.

My rubies disappeared

Most probably you used them to speed up cooking times or to purchase tools. If you will provide us your Facebook UID (see the instructions below), we can check and give you the exact answer. Please send us a technical report or contact us on our Facebook fan page.

How can I get my Facebook UID?

Please open the game and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it. Send it to us to help us give you the best answer to your question.

I want to play on my phone/tablet

Flash games cannot be played on mobile devices.

Is the game available in other languages other than English?

The game is only available in English.

I am stuck at “To be continued…” pop-up

We have more episodes in the pipeline! Make sure you regularly check our Facebook fan page for the latest updates. In the meantime, you can level up and discover new machines 😉

How can I buy rubies for Suburbia 2?

It is very simple! In the upper left corner, where your current amount of rubies is displayed, simply click on the “+”sign and you can see all offers. Select the one that suits you the best and then follow the instructions.







I bought rubies but I didn’t receive them

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please send us a technical report or contact us on our Facebook fan page with your Facebook UID and the transactions details and we will get back to you shortly.

I did an offer from Earn Rubies, but didn’t receive the rubies
In this case, you need to contact Fyber ( to report it because they are the ones responsible for handling the offers. Please contact their Support service (you can find the link by opening again Earn Rubies). Also, please consider it can take 24 to 48 hours until your credits are credited.
I can’t collect my gifts!

Gifts must be collected within 18 hours, otherwise they will expire. Don’t forget that you can store a limited number of Spices and 20 GroMagic. Check your Spice Rack to see how many free slots you have!

I can’t send gifts!

Please keep in mind that there is a limit of 20 gifts per day: 20 GroMagic and 20 spices. Come back tomorrow for more freebies!






My fridge/pantry is full!

Don’t panic! You can either expand your pantry with tools, fulfill orders that require what you stored or sell the items at your Market Stand.

How do I reduce cooking times?

Easy! Once you reach level 9, you can cut down cooking times with Thyme (spice). Your friends can also help you out clicking on your active machines, when they come visit you.









How do I find tools to clear my garden and expand the fridge/pantry/Spice Rack/land?

Tools can be either found randomly whilst fulfilling orders, collecting items from plants & trees or claimed with rubies. Don’t forget to check out your friends’ Market Stands, you might find something there too!








Can I discard orders?

Sure! Click on the order you would like to skip and click on the “bin” icon at the bottom left. The order will be replaced after waiting for a short time.






How do I help my neighbors?

You have 4 units of energy every 18 hours. Visit your friends, click on active machines to reduce cooking times and get some cash in return!







How do I earn story bits?

You mainly earn story bits by fulfilling orders from the Orderboard, but you can also earn some from friends, as a thank you gift for helping them out with their machines.








Where do I find my stored furniture?

Click on the Suburbia Mall icon and select the category your item belongs to.

How do I collect Gold?

You collect Gold by delivering Food Trucks (unlocks at level 15) or by organizing parties in your Gazebo (unlocks at level 20)!

Why is my fridge/pantry empty?

Please empty your cache and refresh the page (press F5). Everything should be there!

My friends disappeared! What happened?

Please empty your cache and refresh the page (press F5). They should reappear.


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