If our Community Managers would get 1¢ for every
message about Bowtie, they would be millionaires by now.

But what is Bowtie?
Don’t be deceived by appearances. Because despite the
really cute name, Bowtie is a little devil of a brain teaser
for every Mahjong Trails traveler.

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New at MegaZebra

May 16th, 2014

MegaZebra is growing. And we are focused on finding the best and most talented people, to jointly build the most successful games.

Recently, two more V.I.Z. (Very Important Zebras) have joined the herd.
As the Producer of Suburbia, Markus is the Mayor of our wonderful suburb at the outskirts of Lakeview. He is responsible...

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Mixing it up for Easter

April 17th, 2014

Chocolate eggs, painted eggs, bunnies.
Do these words sound familiar? I bet they do.
In our minds, these words are closely associated with Easter traditions.
But what about words like “Uppam”, “Kulich”, and “Kvikk Lunsj”, have you heard them before? Well, not as much as chocolate eggs. But still...

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