Today, we are excited to announce the worldwide launch of our latest game: Solitaire Chronicles. After Solitaire Castle and Mahjong Trails, it is the third game from that franchise. With more than 50 million players around the world, these games are among the most successful games in their categories, ever.

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Again this summer, MegaZebra gave three bright and passionate students the chance to test themselves, our games, and also us as a company.

The gaming industry is not going away, in fact, it is the fastest growing media sector. This is why we want to prep the next generation of game makers by offering them a summer internship here at MegaZebra.

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Why we love Munich

September 19th, 2014


Everybody knows that MegaZebra is based in Munich, and there are many reasons why we love it here. The fact that this weekend, the Oktoberfest starts (the world’s largest festival, BTW) could already be enough to justify this choice.

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