Why we love Munich

September 19th, 2014


Everybody knows that MegaZebra is based in Munich, and there are many reasons why we love it here. The fact that this weekend, the Oktoberfest starts (the world’s largest festival, BTW) could already be enough to justify this choice.

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New at MegaZebra

August 5th, 2014


Recently, 3 more V.I.Z. (Very Important Zebras) have
joined the herd. We are so proud and thrilled about it,
that we decided to create something special.

Meet Philippe, Ilona and Ziro!

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If our Community Managers would get 1¢ for every
message about Bowtie, they would be millionaires by now.

But what is Bowtie?
Don’t be deceived by appearances. Because despite the
really cute name, Bowtie is a little devil of a brain teaser
for every Mahjong Trails traveler.

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