It’s not every day you get an award.

We are truly passionate about our games and our motivation is the entertainment of our users. But we are exceptionally proud of the Tabby Award won by our first mobile game Solitaire Chronicles in the category “Best iPad game: Cards, Casino and Dice”.

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Here at MegaZebra we value talented people, passionate about (our) games. One of the secrets to our successful games is that we only craft games that we enjoy playing. We are the first fans of our games.

People from the entire world play our kick-ass titles and, to make sure we keep it that way, we have built a very international team, with different backgrounds and from various cultures, but equally talented. And so are the latest additions to our team.

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Earlier this year we mentioned how excited we are to start 2015.

It’s time to reveal the first changes and some of the great things we’re preparing.

With so many new projects ahead, a new logo seemed like the first natural step to take.
We are today very proud to show it to the world. It’s dynamic, it’s focused, it’s striped. Just like MegaZebra is. And because only one color wasn’t enough to represent our highly diverse team, we decide to have a whole bunch of them!

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