Daily Wheel

Every 18 hours, Solitaire Castle gives you the chance to win great rewards: coins, lives and magic potions. So make sure to log in every day, to enjoy the game with extra prizes.

Power Ups

The first type of power ups can be purchased for coins or received from friends and they will give you advantages as: Get  additional 5% of the points you won; Solve all open cards using the [...]


So many cool gifts you can send to your friends and receive in return. The “5% Bonus” helps you achieve higher scores; the “Magic Card” solves all open cards, the “Joker” can be put on any card [...]

How to play/basic rules

Every Solitaire has 3 stars/ goals to achieve. For example: solve 100% of a Solitaire, solve all cards in a given time, solve a certain number of cards in a row, or reach a certain amount of [...]

Interesting facts

More than 9 million players already and counting; More than 2 million fans on Facebook; More than 1 million hearts sent daily by our amazing players; More than 2 million monthly players.