logoEarlier this year we mentioned how excited we are to start 2015. It’s time to reveal the first changes and some of the great things we’re preparing.
With so many new projects ahead, a new logo seemed like the first natural step to take.
We are today very proud to show it to the world. It’s dynamic, it’s focused, it’s striped. Just like MegaZebra is. And because only one color wasn’t enough to represent our highly diverse team, we decide to have a whole bunch of them!

Our new logo is joined by our new slogan: HEROES & ENTERTAINMENT.
You are our heroes, because you play our games, you give us feedback and you encourage us to go the extra mile. Hence, we also want you to feel exactly like that, having heroic moments when you play our games.
For the people at MegaZebra, they are also heroes of their respective arts. We combine our super powers to hand-craft outstanding entertainment products.

Another great thing that recently happened was the expansion of our office. Which can only mean one thing: we’re getting even more Zebras on board. But in order to create great games for our players, we need to focus our resources (people, time, creativity, tools) on them and make no compromise to quality. With a sad heart, we hence announced that starting from April 30th we will sunset some of our early games. We’re proud to say that those games are “oldies, but goldies” (with more than 20 million unique players!!!) and we enjoyed working on them as much as you enjoyed playing them. Some of them have been live for more than 5 years now and we will ensure that our future games will again be ever-green titles that you can enjoy longer than most others in the market.

As we promised, our focus on 2015 remains on the user! And because our users play more and more on mobile devices, this year we will make sure that you can play your favorite game from MegaZebra on your tablet and/or phone. We already started with Solitaire Chronicles (download it on your iPad here) and we will continue with other great and kickass games for mobile.
Our advice: stay tuned!


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