The end of one decade and on to the next!

As MegaZebra celebrates its 10th birthday, it is a great honor to announce that we also now have the first employee who has been with us for over a decade! Especially in today’s fast-moving world, this is a truly amazing feat.

Patrick was one of the first people to believe in our vision and hence joined MegaZebra, when it was founded. Since then, we have jointly pushed the industry further.

It all started on the desktop, with games inside Facebook. This opened up gaming to completely new audiences. We were one of the first to make games available to millions of future gamers. Then, as iPhones, iPads and Android devices got more popular, the industry gradually moved over, and so did we.

Also, in terms of genres, we continue to introduce novelties to each of these platforms and build these games using a variety of technology stacks, programming languages and game engines. Constantly evaluating the best fit and experimenting, using in-house solutions, as well as tools from the market.

This made the first decade an on-going journey of learning, but in the coolest industry there is: Games!

From the beginning, we were certain that gaming is destined to become the biggest entertainment format out there, and together with many other talented people around the world, we are doing everything we can to achieve this goal.

Going forward, we will continue to innovate within this industry and continue to learn, how to become even better. Every day. As a company, but also each person within the company.




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