Mahjong Trails Blitz combines past with the future!

Today, MegaZebra launched Mahjong Trails Blitz on Facebook’s brand-new Instant Games platform. The whole MegaZebra team is proud to be selected as an early partner by Facebook for their latest gaming innovation. “Blitz” will not only be the first Mahjong game on Instant Games, but will continue the legacy of Mahjong Trails.

Already in 2009 we pioneered the Mahjong genre on Facebook. Since then, the game has redefined this category and become the undisputed #1 worldwide.

So, when Facebook told us about their plans to launch a new platform, it was clear that we wanted to partake and allow Mahjong fans worldwide to play their favourite game there, too. Mahjong Trails Blitz will continue to evolve as Facebook further builds out this new channel.

Click here to be among the very first people to play it:

It can be played directly within the Facebook Messenger against friends or as single-player to beat your friends highscore. Try it now!

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