Creative Christmas in Munich

Munich is renowned for its traditional and memorable Christmas celebrations. From Christmas markets all over town to Glühwein and ice skating in the heart of Munich, this city is the perfect winter wonderland! 

But, we at MegaZebra are more the creative and quirky crowd. Hence, we thought we’d share with you our favorites. Check out what underground, hidden scenes Munich has to offer…

Starting with our all time favorite, a celebration of the LGBT community, we begin our tour at the Pink Christmas market. This year marks the 14th year of this colourful and vibrant celebration.

With unique performances, delicious Glühwein and perfectly pink decoration, this contemporary and proud Christmas market is not one to disappoint.

The second spot in our creative Christmas tour is the Tollwood Winter Festival. This festival is an explosion of street theater, cabaret and performances, arts and crafts and mouth watering, organic gastronomy from around the world. Enjoy wintery bars and live music, on the same ground that hosts the famous Oktoberfest in the summer.

Moving onto our third spot on this tour, The Utting Christmas Star Fleet. With sparkling fairy lights and dazzling charisma, this once upon a time excursion steamer built in 1950, transforms into the perfect hidden Christmas miracle. The Alte Utting once carried passengers across a nearby lake, but now plays host to a unique and unusual bar, cafe and restaurant in the city of Munich! Whether you’d like to call it a speakeasy or a unique artistic statement, the Utting is a perfect spot to catch up with friends. Did we mention that it resides on a bridge? It also hosts a special New Years Eve party, with views of the Munich fireworks.

Last but not least, if your itch for a fringy time has not been scratched enough, enjoy a show at Bahnwärther Thiel. This place looks like the wish child of a switching yard and a container dock. The abandoned land was transformed in 2015 and is now a cultural showroom for theater, concerts, readings and nightclubs. At the Bahnwärther Thiel, “imagination has no limits”.

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