10 crates of beer, 11 kg of meat, lots of vegan options, 2 big BBQs, and 10 hours of fun… Once again, our Zebras come together and have an awesome fun-filled evening, after months of hard work.

On the 4th of August 2017, our Zebras left the Headquarters at 4:00 p.m. and headed to the Flaucher for our legendary Summer Party! We started the evening with some delicious dessert made by one of our Zebras from the U.S. while the beer cooled down in the fresh water of the Isar.

The night was spent having lots of food, drinking beer, playing limbo and dancing through to 2 in the morning.

Who are these party Zebras, you ask? Our Herd consists of 46 people who are from 22 different countries! We span the globe all the way from South Asia to Europe, to North America to Latin America! We boast a multicultural and diverse environment which we believe is our greatest strength.


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