The holiday season means it’s time to take part in that time-honored MegaZebra tradition of exchanging presents and eating burgers all together! Would you like to take a peek behind the scenes of the most awesome party of the year?

Unfortunately we could not physically bring you with us, but despite the Gluhwein, we have an amazing group picture for you… and a list of 8 things that happened at the annual MC Muller Party Extravaganza!


1. No one forgot to bring his/her present for our Secret Santa Gift Exchange. We are very considerate Zebras, after all!

2. Someone got not ONE but… TWO presents!

3. The most awesome present you could ever receive is a Justin Bieber Calendar.

4. Only one Zebra wore an “ugly” Christmas jumper… on purpose.

5. Almost every girl wore something red… not on purpose.

6. Munich Mule was elected “Favorite Zebra Drink of 2016”.

7. Zebras are incredible dancers.

8. What happens at the Christmas Party, stays at the Christmas Party.


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